My wife, Jena, and I retired from our tech business after 19 years. The excitement & intrigue had run its course.  When we found the Java Brew Collection of Italian espresso machines we were very intrigued & excited once more. We have both always been avid coffee drinkers, loving different coffees from around the world. When we found that no one has this bean to cup machine in the Metro St. Louis area that makes specialty coffee drinks as good or better than any coffee café, we knew we had a winner!

Our service is not just another cup of coffee. It is a stimulating experience in every cup – something that we feel is missing in the business office in the St. Louis area.  Now,  companies can offer their customers and employees a gourmet, premium coffee beverage at a fraction of what it would cost at a coffee shop. Our office baristas brew Espressos, Black Coffees, Cappuccinos, Mochacinnos, Café Lattes, Hot Chocolates, French Vanillas & Seasonal Flavors!

An added bonus is that they are very green machines with nothing going to the land fill. All coffee grounds are made available for composting. Also, the baristas use only recyclable paper cups or you are welcome to use your own personal mug/coffee cup. This fits in with our do no harm philosophy and environmental responsibility.

Thank you & Have a PERK-FECT Day!

Matthew & Jena Collins

Pekfect Gourmet Coffee